Saturday, December 5, 2009

My work is so boring

Hi, my name is Colleen Sanders and I do really boring illustrations.

I went to a small works show last night in downtown San Jose and it kicked ass. The were works there by Barron Storey (holy crap if only I had a spare $250). A few really amazing Brazilian illustrators and a few other really amazing things like sculpture. It was the first art show I've been to since college and it was weird not knowing or even recognizing anyone. Luckily though, instead of being depressed about it I just want to do my own cool stuff even more.

South First Fridays

Anyway, I love mixed media. I love painting, sculpture, fibers and making anything with my hands. I love photography also. Why don't I use them in any of my work? I'm going to now. I'm super excited, I think I'm turning a new leaf. I tried it somewhat in my collage class:

Obviously this is dumb, but I liked doing more than just drawing or painting. I think I might channel Jonathan Yoerger and model a character out of clay and photographing it and putting it together in photoshop, who knows.

But then again, maybe it's not my technique, maybe my ideas are just boring. We shall see.