Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Very Short Story

The Boyfriend Store

They led me down a small flight of steps. There were only four or five of them, but I tripped on a loose brick on the last step. I stumbled, laughed to myself and then looked around to see if anyone else had noticed. They hadn't.
As we walked down the narrow road in silence I wondered what circumstances had led me here, to this point in my life. And how the hell did the couples I knew manage to get through all the preliminary stages, the dating, the fighting, and still make it out OK?
I didn't believe in love anymore. Th
at's what led me to be here.

I came to the conclusion that love doesn't exist after the remnants of my first one finally faded. An inevitable slew of epiphanies of how the loves I'd idolized never really existed followed shortly thereafter. A man always has a wandering eye or a woman always thinks he does. And what happens when the man you're meant to be with doesn't love you? The timing was off. You're crazy. It'll never work.

It didn't take us long to get there. The store-front had a large overhang and a plain brown door with a brass handle. There were no windows. After much time and contemplation I finally heeded some friendly advice to, "get your own fucking boyfriend."
All I needed in life for companionship and for someone to give it to me regularly was behind that brown door. Here, at the Boyfriend Store.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Back on the blog

So I've ditched my ancient livejournal account and decided to start one up here. I'm following the trend I guess, and updating my vast following of admirers on what I'm doing in the art world, my life, etc. I'll start by posting a couple of the pieces I've dedicated to my portfolio as of yet, complements of my self-promotion class.

This one is a tribute to the infamous "sign guy" of Savannah. With reference to an image published in the Savannah Morning News:

Mr Moody

This was done for my poster design class, and is currently being used as the image for most of my self-promo things:


This was supposed to be for my mailer, but it didn't exactly turn out how I would've liked it to. It's called The World is My Ashtray:

This is an editorial about how certain institutions profess dire consequences for not adhering their way of life:

Damnation Days
And lastly, this was also done for my poster class concerning the world water crisis:


I'm not really work
ing on anything right now, but soon enough I will be.