Saturday, September 24, 2011

Caricature film

One of the artists' blogs I follow, Peter de Seve recently posted this short film by caricature artist John Kascht.

It's a little dry, but great to see the dedication to his subjects and his craft. Also the way he handles his materials is incredible. Take a peek.

Monday, September 12, 2011


So I went digital for this guy. The gouache one wasn't looking so hot. And now with a few adjustments I can make some tee-shirts for you Jeffy! This would've been a lot easier if I had a tablet. Soon?

I honestly can tell if it's completely stupid or not.

I've got a big project (one of many constantly flowing around my mind that never get done) in the works.  Something like a full length graphic novel? Intimidating, invigorating. I'm still in the zygote phase of this project. It includes a lot of reading, writing and drawing. Would take at least a year. AT LEAST. Anywho, now I have to get started on the final drawing for B Smiff's drawing and do more drawings for the bosses website. When I'm not being so lazy, I'm so busy!