Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This kinda counts as my art. .

Well, it's art related. Sunday was so fun. Greenpointillism Face Painting had an event called Video Juice Box. It's a weekly show put on for kids and parents in Williamsburg. It's held at the Knitting Factory and hosted by a man named Jeremy. It's a really great interactive show that features new media and is based on video/ digital content supplemented with acts and performances by the Video Juice Box crew. It's a really great social context for kids because they don't act differently in front of the kids and it was just as entertaining for us and the parents as it was for the kids (if not more entertaining). Anyway, Lesley, Kendall and I, through Greenpointillism Face Painting are hoping to collaborate with them and become a cool attraction in addition to the show. Every Sunday at 2pm!

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