Sunday, August 22, 2010

Girl, whatchu do?

One of the books I'm doing is about food, so I've been painting a few veggies here and there. For those of you who know her, Linda Warner would be so proud.

I really just can't settle on which paper I like better. The three that look more like watercolor are just on Strathmore sketch paper. The eggplant and tomato are on 140lb watercolor paper. I think they're actually in acrylic. The others are gouache and watercolor.

They pretty much led to this, although I like them as studies better.


The Letter "I"

What else? Here's a preliminary part of one for a different book:

So a while back I did an illustration for Make Per Month for my friend Charlie of this guy I saw on PATH often and liked it a lot, and decided a few days ago to start doing a bunch of them and possibly making them into a book of postcards or something. We'll see. Here's one I did yesterday:

Forgive my poor scanning skills. This is from memory, this poor woman on the PATH train has severe thinning issues.

Next up, a lady with double chin whiskers:

This city is a treasure trove of interesting people.

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