Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hello Again

After a week packed with art fairs and events (I'm currently filling in for my roomie at a gallery), I've decided to take this Sunday to visit what some of my fellow Illustrators are up to. As usual I'm completely blown away. I've been surrounded all week by art collectors, snobby SoHo gallery-goers and ultra-hip hipster pop-up art show attendees. As much fun as it was to meet some genuinely nice people, I'm so happy I decided to be an illustrator and not a fine artist. It suits me so much better, and while I'm still chugging along to improve my work and learn, I don't think I would've gotten anywhere in the gallery world. Anyway, more big props to all illustrators and people struggling(or not, kudos!) for their work.


PS. Spring is coming, can you feel it?!?!

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